Things you should always buy second-hand

What is old is new again, and sometimes even better than new. Jump on the second-hand buying movement with this handy list of items that can offer more value to the shrewd shopper pre-loved than brand-new.

1. Books

Whether you’re looking for school textbooks or new bedtime stories for the kids, there’s no point in buying new books when you can buy second-hand. They work just the same, plus second-hand bookstores are a treasure trove of first editions and out-of-print books that can be hard to find.

2. DVDs

With a world of streaming services on hand, why would you buy a DVD in this day and age? Well, there are a few reasons – the ease of slipping a physical disc in the slot and pressing go, with no worries about data download limits, for one. However, why buy new? Buying second-hand means you pick up your favourite movies and TV shows at a fraction of the price – even cheaper than renting – and you’ll get all those outtakes and deleted scenes that streaming doesn’t give you. And you can always sell them back when you’re done.

3. Game consoles

You can find great bargains on both second-hand games and consoles. The machine will give you the same enjoyment whether it’s brand-new or pre-owned, so you can save yourself a pretty penny. That means you’ll have more money left to buy a couple of extra games.

4. Clothing

Whether you’re looking for second-hand designer clothing or back-to-school gear for the kids, once you start buying second-hand clothing you’ll wonder why you waited so long. You can buy second-hand clothing practically anywhere nowadays, from groups on Facebook to Red Cross storefronts and dedicated high-fashion websites like Get on-trend.

5. Bikes

When you factor in the money you’ll save on your daily commute, buying a second-hand bike could end up paying for itself. New bikes tend to lose between 20 and 40 per cent of their value simply by leaving the store, and the resale value drops considerably with each passing season.

6. Jewellery

There’s a stigma about buying second-hand jewellery, so it’s important to remember that not all pieces are sold because of a relationship breakdown. Most items are sold due to changing fashions, or the seller simply wants to free up some space in their jewellery box. But aside that, second-hand jewellery offers the chance to find something really unique. An antique or period style piece that flies in the face of cookie cutter trends. Lastly, if you needed any further reason to buy second-hand jewellery, keep in mind that most brand-new pieces are marked up 45 to 110 per cent! Go second-hand and find yourself a beautiful keepsake of real value.

7. Musical instruments

Whether it’s a piano or a piccolo, second-hand music items are a great idea, particularly for someone who doesn’t know how interested they’ll be in six months’ time. There’s a huge market out there in quality second-hand musical instruments. Investigate this first and give yourself the time to try out your new musical hobby without the pain of a brand-new buy.

8. Cars

We’ve all heard the old adage that a new car loses around 20 per cent of its value the minute you drive it out of the car yard. Why wear it? Second-hand cars are a great investment these days. Do your research, and only buy from trusted sources, and you could pick up a near-new car for a fraction of the price.

9. Sporting equipment

Getting fit and being active shouldn’t cost the world. Second-hand exercise gear, such as treadmills or weights, will do the same job as if it was straight out of the box, and save you a fair whack too. Same goes with fishing equipment – rod, wire, hook, reel – the fish don’t care if it’s new or not. Clever.

10. The dress

For a dress that will only be worn once, does it really need to be new? Instead, check out second-hand wedding dresses to see if something takes your fancy. Websites like offer excellent deals – and you can sell the dress after your big day.

Know your stuff

Due diligence is everything – whether it’s second-hand cars, bikes, electronics, gym equipment or clothing. It helps that when you buy from a store or outlet (instead of a private seller), you are entitled to Australian Consumer Law guarantees.

Whether you’re looking for a retro game console or a great bike, buying second-hand should always be your first port of call. Try Cash Converters.


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