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As editor of The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine – an independent video games website – Ms Ausretrogamer is one of Australia’s leading gamers, leading the charge with a retro vibe.

Q. How did you get into gaming?

Ms Ausretrogamer The first video game I played was Zork, which was installed on a second-hand computer my dad brought home from work. I was too young to understand exactly how to play it, but I was fascinated. After that I took every opportunity to play games at friends’ houses until I was old enough to afford my own console – a Sega Master System II, which my sister and I pooled our Christmas money to buy in 1990. Video games opened up so many new and exciting worlds and adventures.

Q. What inspires you to be a gamer today?

Ms Ausretrogamer Like movies, TV and books, video games are my way to escape and have fun. Connecting with other gamers on Twitter and at events such as PAX Aus, and writing about video games and gaming culture is another big motivator.

Q. What type of games do you play?

Ms Ausretrogamer My favourite type of game is action-adventure, such as Tomb RaiderResident EvilUnchartedSilent HillEternal Darkness and Journey; but I also love puzzle and strategy games such as PortalTetrisPeggle and Plants vs. Zombies. I have also recently started playing pinball.

Q. Care to share your winning strategies?

Ms Ausretrogamer Persistence and practise, practise, practise. I like to figure things out myself, but if I get really stuck I will take a peek at a walk-through or strategy guide – but only if I’m really stuck!

Q. How has the scene changed over the years for female gamers?

Ms Ausretrogamer The proportion of women gamers has steadily grown over the last 20 years – it’s now reportedly around 50 per cent, and it’s much easier to connect with other gamers due to social media. However, there’s still not enough respect and recognition for women gamers and game creators – although things are getting better with prominent role models such as Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen from ABC’s Good Game. Mobile gaming has also made video games more accessible and appealing to women.

Q. Over the years you must have a bought a fair bit of equipment. What are the big costs for gamers?

Ms Ausretrogamer New consoles and games are the biggest costs for me. I usually wait until they drop in price or until I can pick them up second-hand. I’m also always on the lookout for old classics at markets, second-hand shops and on eBay.

Q. Where do you think gaming will go next?

Ms Ausretrogamer I am excited to see what interesting games a more diverse gaming culture will bring us, as well as new platforms and formats such as virtual reality. However, I am most excited by the revival of retro gaming and pinball, plus the comeback of arcades and the advent of arcades.

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Marina Barabaro

Marina is a freelance writer who writes about business, finance, travel and tourism. She enjoys playing with social media and writing scripts and stories in her spare time.


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