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When the Pokemon GO app arrived, entire cities were turned upside down by fans searching for virtual Pokemons on smartphones. Pokemon fans seem eternal. Since the funny little fictional creatures arrived back in the mid 90’s, fans have remained loyal. Before the app, Pokemon fans collected and traded Pokemon cards, or played computer and board games.

We talk to Gemma Uzzell from Brisbane about her old-school Pokemon collection.

Q: How did you get into Pokémon?

I first got into it when I was a child in school – it was the latest craze. I remember finding one card on the floor and I became instantly hooked. My mum bought me a pack a week.

Q: What’s the appeal of Pokémon?

The way Pokémon designs their characters is very appealing, with the bright colours and simplistic designs. I also enjoy the storylines. Then there’s the excitement of not knowing what’s inside a pack of cards; finding the rare holographic cards gives me a feeling of euphoria, of being the ‘lucky’ one. That’s something that keeps me coming back.

Q: How big is the market?

The market for Pokémon is huge, and it’s growing year by year. More and more shops are stocking not only cards but all types of Pokémon merchandise: plush toys, board games, figurines, stationery and so much more!

Q: Where do you go to buy items?

I mostly use outlet stores online. However some Pokémon cards are no longer in production so I keep an eye out online for cards to complete my collection. I also check second-hand stores from time to time – I have been lucky and found some nice second-hand collections over the years.

Q: How are they valued?

The cards are valued by age and rarity. The first generation of Pokémon cards are definitely the most valuable and sought after. That’s due to the nostalgia people have for their childhood, and the fact that there were only a small number of early cards printed compared to the most recent sets. I use websites like Troll and Toad to check card pricing and stock levels to see the value the cards may hold.

Q: Where do you keep your collection?

I keep my collection in folders on a shelf in the rumpus room. The shelf also has other collectible Pokémon merchandise on display, such as figurines, stickers, books, cards, folders, posters, pencils, marbles and a board game.

Q: What’s your favourite piece?

My favourite would be the Charizard card. The holographic cards of him were quite rare and everyone always wanted one. It’s pretty much stayed that way up until now – for 20 years!

Q: What’s the most you have ever spent and why was it worth it?

The most I have ever spent was $1100 on a set of cards. It was the set I had always wanted, so when the opportunity came, I took it. It was definitely worth it. They don’t appear that often and the set goes up in value each year, so there’s always a high demand for buyers. Maybe one day I can retire off it!

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