Get the kids into music – for less

A lot of parents want their kids to learn music, and experts say it’s good for them – maybe that’s why a year of lessons can cost as much an overseas holiday. And that’s before you’ve bought the instrument.

Here are some tips on how to let music into your life without emptying your wallet.

Music lessons on the cheap

Does your child really need one-on-one lessons every week? To reduce costs, consider lessons every two weeks, or perhaps group lessons with one teacher and several kids. Finding a music student to impart their musical genius might also be an option – try asking around or advertising on sites such as Gumtree to see if you can find a student to provide cheaper lessons.

However, if you choose this option, remember that the onus is on you to do the background checks.

Second-hand musical instruments

It can be hard to work out how long your child’s interest in any new hobby might last. Little Johnny might prefer the drums or guitar after only a couple of goes at the piano, or they might give up music altogether and ask for karate lessons instead. With beginners who are still choosing their musical instrument, digital versions of the instruments – keyboards, guitars and so on – can be a cost-effective way for them to learn and practise.

Shopping for second-hand instruments can save you even more. Then, if Johnny does turn out to be a budding rock star, you’ll feel more justified in forking out the money for the real kit. If not, you can always sell the used musical instruments.

Find free music online

The online world offers endless musical inspiration whenever your mini maestro needs a little extra motivation.

Need a music score? Websites such as the International Music Score Library Project catalogue music from all over the world and let you access it (legally) for free. Meanwhile, YouTube has free music tutorials – although the quality of these can vary – and all sorts of videos to watch, listen and learn from.

With some savvy searching and small compromises, your budding musician can find their beat on a budget. Noise-cancelling headphones not included.

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