Declutter your life, live better

Decluttering is very much a ‘thing’. Join the revolution with these easy tips on how to declutter.

Whether it’s at work or home, most of us are swimming in a sea of stuff.

It could be paperwork in the form of important emails or the kids’ homework, craft projects we started but never finished, the lamp given to us by Aunt Iris, or the wakeboard in the garage that was great until your knee went.

According to experts, there are a bunch of good reasons to jump on board the trend of getting rid of excess items and declutter your life.

Less clutter = get more done

Research shows that reducing workplace clutter can improve performance by up to 25 per cent, which is why corporate giants such as BHP, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Goodman Group are providing lockers and insisting desks are kept completely clear of everything from papers to personal items.

The same benefit applies at home: decluttering your home means less time cleaning, less time looking for lost keys, and less time shoving old linen back into the cupboard.

Less clutter = more money

Joshua Becker, well-known author of the Becoming Minimalist blog, says that people who purchase only essential items often find financial freedom.

That makes sense, since buying things we don’t need and never end up using is clearly a waste of money. As is forking out for extra storage space for all the stuff we don’t have room for but can’t bring ourselves to throw out because it ‘might come in handy one day’. Spoiler alert: it won’t. Then there is all the money spent replacing things lost beneath the jumble.

Getting rid of excess stuff can also act as a reminder to, well, stop buying more stuff.

Less clutter = happier people

Becker believes that decluttering our homes helps us refocus, de-stress and live more in the moment. The benefits don’t stop there – getting rid of everything from unread magazines to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys can also help us feel happier and more free.

How to declutter? Four ways to get started

1. Four-box method

Get four boxes – one for rubbish, one for things to keep, one for things to give away, and one for relocation – and go through everything. Everything gets a box. When boxes are full, empty them and repeat.

2. Five minutes a day

Spend just five minutes a day clearing and decluttering a part of your house. The idea is to smart small.

3. Make a list

Don’t burn yourself out tackling the entire kitchen at once – make a list of cupboards, drawers and corners that need decluttering, and go through them one at a time. This is good for fitting into a busy schedule.

4. The 12/12/12 Challenge

A good one to get the kids involved. In one big hit, find 12 things to throw out, 12 things to put away, and 12 things to donate or sell. Put a timer on it for some extra fun. Repeat.

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Belinda Gadd

Belinda Gadd is an experienced lawyer-turned-writer, wife and mum of two boys. When Belinda is not changing nappies and using her legal negotiation skills on her two-year-old, she's blogging about law, finance and lifestyle on the net. Life is busy but couldn't be better.


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