Making the most of summer holidays

Holidays can be a bit trying, for both kids and parents. Here are some tips on how to fill up those long summer months with some fun activities that won’t cost the earth.

Clever ways to keep cool this summer

It’s summer time and the weather is fine! This time of year is fun, but staying cool in summer can mean a not-so-friendly electricity bill. Here are some tips on how to chill out for less.

How to hit the snow on a budget

Be savvy about your snow gear: bargain, borrow or rent before heading off on your ski holiday.

Fire up or wind down? The battle of the weekend

What's your weekend style? Cruise control or wall-to-wall action? Whichever it is, here's how to up the ante on your days off.

Get fit for free

Is getting in shape at the top of your resolutions, like, every week? Joining a gym can be expensive, so if the festive season has left a dent in your budget, here are a few ways to reach your goals without the big fees.

Festival life on a budget

The music festival season has arrived. Here’s how to have the time of your life without emptying your bank account.

Bike life

Cycling is not just for hipsters and lovers of lycra, and you don't need to spend thousands to get involved. Here’s how to enjoy two-wheel transport for less.

Catching up – without food or booze

Want to do something with your mates that doesn't involve alcohol, food or spending a heap of money? Here’s your go-to guide.