Let’s face it! Not everyone is ‘handy’ when it comes to using a drill or working the food processor. Whether you need step by step instructions or prefer to free flow – we have practical tips on everything from how to DIY furniture, spruce up a rental and recipes and ideas for great meals.

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Gardening on a budget

Nothing adds pleasure ­– or value – to a home more than a beautiful garden. However, when you start planning your greenery dreams, the costs can quickly add up. Here’s how to create a gorgeous garden with a budget garden makeover.

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Hello spring! It’s a great time to hit the garden, so here are some quick and clever ideas for creating your own kitchen garden. They’ll have you eating like a farmer for the rest of the year.

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No-nonsense money-saving tips for moving day

Moving house can be loaded with costs – removalists, transport, boxes and bubble wrap. Follow our moving house tips and with a bit of easy preparation and planning you won't break your budget.

No sewing machine required! Interior projects to save you money

It’s time to get ingenious with your home furnishings and embellishments. Try these three practical ideas that can help jazz up a room for next to nothing.