CashMaking ends meet can be stressful, but there are lots of creative (even fun) ways to get the most out of your finances. We have loads of tried and tested tips and advice from people who understand. Take the stress out of money with a little bit of common cents.

Things you should always buy second-hand

Second-hand doesn't mean second best. Here are the ten things that - when you need to buy them - you should always consider second-hand first to make sure you are getting quality bang for your buck.

Save money and the planet during Buy Nothing New Month

October is Buy Nothing New Month. And it's easy. Here's some ideas as to how you can join the second-hand revolution and see how much you save.

How to work out if a loyalty scheme is right for you

Many businesses now have customer loyalty programs. But which ones are truly providing rewards?

Get the kids into music – for less

Are your kids interested in learning a musical instrument? Here’s how to let you little maestro find their beat without going broke.

School of hard rocks: a diamond buying guide

Know a princess cut from a marquise? A white diamond from a tinted white? A carat from a… carrot? Fake your way to sounding like a diamond pro with our diamond-buying guide 101, and find out what makes a brilliant bit of bling.

How to hit the snow on a budget

Be savvy about your snow gear: bargain, borrow or rent before heading off on your ski holiday.

’Tis the season for re-gifting

Christmas is over and you have more stuff than you've ever needed. Here's how to discreetly find a new home for those unwanted gifts.

How to haggle – and save

Haggling is not just for overseas holidays. Do it right and you could save yourself a pretty penny.

A beginner’s guide to gold

Want to buy or sell gold jewellery but not sure how to assess its value? Relax – you don’t need to be an expert. Our guide will give you the tools you need to determine what a reasonable gold price is.