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About Melanie Hearse

Melanie Hearse is a journalist, writer, wife and mother of two pre-teen boys. She's had more than a decade's experience picking the brains of Australia's best psychologists, health experts, scientists, financial wizards (and other brilliant minds) for publications including Cosmopolitan, Body + Soul, Ninemsn, Smarter Business Ideas, Kidspot and Buzzfeed - and many, many, more. With a former life in the retail and public health sectors and psychology, she likes writing about health, parenting, lifestyle, personal finance, home and small business and how people can live their very best life.

Finding cash for your start-up

Got a great business idea but need the cash to get started? Don't fret – where there’s a good idea, there will be a way. Here are some top tips to find start-up money, from those who’ve done it before.

Having kids doesn’t have to break the bank

Everyone talks about how much kids cost, but it’s still possible to have a baby on a budget. We talk to blogger and businesswoman Jody Allen from Stay at Home Mum about how to keep costs down while still giving your kids everything they need.

School holiday activities for winter

Are you staring at two weeks of school-holiday madness when the weather is not on your side? Here’s how to keep the kids occupied during the winter holidays, without breaking the bank.

Fire up or wind down? The battle of the weekend

What's your weekend style? Cruise control or wall-to-wall action? Whichever it is, here's how to up the ante on your days off.

Gardening on a budget

Nothing adds pleasure ­– or value – to a home more than a beautiful garden. However, when you start planning your greenery dreams, the costs can quickly add up. Here’s how to create a gorgeous garden with a budget garden makeover.

Making mum’s day

Looking for something a bit more personal than flowers or chocolates for Mother's Day? Show mum how special she is with these thoughtful gift ideas.

Tips to get out of debt

Got debt you would really like gone? Here are some easy and helpful debt solutions to help you get out of debt for good.

Making it to payday

Found yourself short on cash and your next pay is days away? Here are some ideas on how to make it through to payday.