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Kerith Sharkey is a freelance writer who writes about pop culture, video games, technology, health and science. She enjoys reading science fiction, playing video games and fashion in her spare time.

What to do with your old mobile

It's the time of year when you’re tempted to buy the newest phone model. Which is all well and good, but what do you do with the old phone? Here's how to make the most of your old mobile phone.

Best board games for a rainy day

Winter is here, and the indoors is calling. Sure, you can waste time in front of the box. Or you can get busy and have fun around a great board game instead. Here are some of the classics, plus a few you might not have heard of.

Apps by the numbers

Our love of apps continues. Why? Because when it comes to those pesky jobs like budgeting, they’re just so handy.

Tech in the wild: Geocaching

Can you combine screen time with active outdoor time? Yes, it's possible! Geocaching gets kids – and adults – using technology to explore the outdoors.

Comic genius: How collecting comic books leads to a lifetime of fun

Collecting comic books is a great hobby. But how does it work? We talk to lifelong comic collectors Aleks and Emma to get their buying and storage tips.

Apps for everyday life

Too much to do and too little time? Whether you want to get healthy, decorate your home or be more organised, an app might make life a little easier.

Be a savvy online saver

Coupons have come a long way since appearing on the bottom of shopping dockets. Like shopping, they've gone online. Here's how to find online discount vouchers that can save you a pretty penny.