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About Carlo Ritchie

Comedian, Linguist, Gamer, New Englander, Carlo is one half of acclaimed Sydney Improv duo "The Bear Pack", considered Australia's leading improvisers. As a stand-up he has sold out shows both at home and abroad and currently is the warm up for the Chaser's "Media Circus". He is host of Big Head Mode's "Bonus Stage" a monthly video game talk show, for which he is also a writer. Founder of Sydney's "Redfern Shaty Club" he has seen it grow to national success and when he's not performing you can find him singing sea shanty's somewhere around the traps. His favourite beer is currently New England Golden Ale.

So you wanna buy a second-hand console?

If you know what you're buying, second-hand gaming tech can offer great value. To ensure you bag a bargain, video gaming expert Carlo Ritchie has these tips to share.